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We offer help and treatment to CP children in Denmark

“Give a fish to a hungry man and you will save him from starvation today. Teach him to fish. He and his family will prosper and be happy for a lifetime.” – András Petö

Physician and educator András Petö developed his conductive educational system after World War II, in 1945.

The aim of Conductive Education is the complex developments of the personality (of cerebral palsied child). The system is child, learning and education based. It requires the active cooperation and awareness of the child and it ensures his or her interest and motivation throughout the learning process. The system is considered complex, for it involves all that can be expected from the child of the relevant age group. Movement, speech and mental ability are not separately but simultaneously developed by the method that demands social contact and generates emotions. This process is founded on the theory that motor-disordered child develops and learns in the same way as non-disabled children do.

Conductive Education is not a rehabilitation technique or a therapy, but a system.

  • to conduct the personality to achieve activity, problem solving, self-expression, spontaneity
  • to teach a new way of coordination and perception
  • to prevent a lack of experience and negative learning
  • to teach a way of living

CE is practiced by conductors who have had at least four years of specialist, professional training at the Petö Institute. In the course of their training they are involved in practical work with CP children while also studying theoretical topics such as neurology, anatomy, physiology, psychology and CE theory.

  1. Physical guidance/assistance
  2. Verbal guidance/rhythmic intentions
  3. Daily schedule
  4. Task series
  5. Group dynamics
  6. Equipment
  7. Motivation
  8. Conductors role

Conductive Education Program Copenhagen was established in 2004 by me. I graduated from the Petö Institute in 1998. I worked at the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham /England/. After a year I went to the US, and helped to build up a private CP school in Georgia.

In New Zealand I worked at the Conductive Center Wellington, both in school and kindergarten section. After marrying a Danish citizen I decided to settle down in Denmark and run Conductive Program for Danish children.

I am the only conductor who permanently lives in Denmark at the moment. My vision is: that Conductive Education will be well known in Denmark. I will help for those parents and children who want to practice Conductive Education. And will hope that they will have a choice. Right choice.

Andrea Udvardy Sabroe